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Casino closed

Tangiers Casino has been closed and no longer operates.

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Tangiers Casino overview

We’ve reviewed Tangiers Casino, its safety, bonus offers, and other features. Find out whether it’s fair and safe and discover its bonuses.

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User reviews of Tangiers Casino

This is a place to share experience with Tangiers Casino. Read what other players wrote about it or write your own review and let everyone know about its positive and negative qualities based on your personal experience.


Rated by 46 users


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User reviews (46)

A word of warning to anyone thinking about playing on Tangiers Casino, DON'T! I had been a very loyal long term player for many many years (probably deposited close to $300,000 CAD since I started playing on their site). In the beginning it was a great (and reliable) casino, however it's clearly not the same anymore. I've read elsewhere that over the past year there were some ownership changes and I even read that they no longer have a proper license and this is evident from the way they now treat their players. They are extremely dishonest, and unethical in their new practices they've adapted. If you now request a withdrawal they will drag the process out as long as they can (even for previously verified players) they will decline your withdrawal every week ("week" because they have a 5 day processing timeline, not including weekends for each withdrawal request) and every week they ask you to send them a new document (account statements, Credit Card Vouchers, proof of address, photos of your identification, photos of you holding your identification, proof of your income.....the list goes on and on). And they won't ask for all documents at once like a normal person/company would, they ask for the documents one by one after each weekly payout request has been declined. And they never reply to any of your emails, so you never really know if the document you sent them has been received or not. I recently attempted to withdraw $4000 (their withdrawal limit, and after meeting ALL of their wager requirements) and they dragged it out for 8 weeks (during this time sending them all the individual documents they wanted) and in the end my withdrawal was never approved and all my winnings voided from my account because they found an excuse not to honor it. Apparently they said that I abused their bonuses but their argument has no solid ground whatsoever as on each of my last 7 deposits from which I won the $4000 I did not receive ANY bonuses. So how did I abuse anything?? If I abused their bonuses, then why did they accept my last 7 deposits? They have NO problem with accepting as much money as you can throw at them, but when it comes time to withdraw they now make you jump through hundreds of hoops, only to decline it in the end. They never used to be like this. It's very disappointing the new ownership has taken this direction. Is this how they now show their appreciation for long time, loyal players? What a joke. They will lose whatever is left of any of their remaining loyal players very quickly. This is my warning to you all. There are far superior online casinos to play at that are much more reliable and trustworthy. None of these other casinos have ever made it this difficult for me to cash out my winnings. This is my warning to you all, do not play at Tangiers. You are better off just lighting your money on fire because even if you win at their casino, you really haven't won anything.
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  • Nothing comes to mind
  • Unnecessarily delay withdrawals
  • Do not respond to emails
  • Chat support not helpful
  • Do not follow their own terms and conditions
  • Unethical business practices
null User review from Casino.guru
10 months ago
Currenly still battling to get my money. Paid out 1/10th of my reqesuted withdrawal and has every excuse in the world not to pay me the full amount by constantly putting it back in my playing acct and then requesting more documents even though all is on file and in order.

Open complaint here which casino guru is trying to help me resolve. More than exhausting. Very disappointed in this place.

Does not stick to their own terms and conditions. They have every documents and more. Yet they keep making up new things.

Say they pay 4k a week but will do anything they can to avoid paying you at all.
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  • They paid out 1 of 10 withdrawals - 9 more to go
  • Does not stick to their own terms and conditions
  • Has taken over 14 weeks now to pay out my withdrawal.
  • Unreliable
null User review from Casino.guru
11 months ago
withdrawal process is ridiculous, the amount of times it gets declined and they request new documents is beyond a joke !! over 9 weeks, they have requested everything from CC vouchers, bank statements, proof of address, proof of account ownership, income statements SELFIES of me holding ID , and this was not all in one hit , each week a new document was requested they are SLOW to process anything ! and they do not email you back to say they have received or that the documents were updated, u find out when u get a new declined with a new request , i wont be staying with them 9 weeks and still asking for documents and still no payout
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  • it has a few games that are fun to play
  • online chat is rude and no help
  • security are very slow
  • accounting treats u like a number not a person
  • theres no communication skills
  • theres no customer loyalty
null User review from Casino.guru
11 months ago
I've been a customer for a while now. I went to withdraw $2000 and my account was disabled and withdrawal declined.
  • Terrible service
  • Shady business
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
Unfortunately, this casino did not impress me at all. The design of the site is featureless, I would easily confuse it with any other site. You can try your luck here, but in general there are much more worthy representatives.
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
Good. But I haven’t played enough yet. But I have played other online casino and won and never ever received it. Im scetchy on all of them now. Not getting bonuses or free spins and or depositing funds and not getting anything. Not right!
Tangiers seems so far so good!
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
Unbelievable, they won’t even give you the time or day with a inquirery regarding a slot malfunction. Despite gambling several thousands of dollars and waiting 45 hours for the most pathetic response from Nicholas. Wish I had stayed with my regular casino. Never again this place.
  • Nicholas is terrible with customer service
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago