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We’ve reviewed mBitCasino, its safety, bonus offers, and other features. Find out whether it’s fair and safe and discover its bonuses.

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User reviews of mBitCasino

This is a place to share experience with mBitCasino. Read what other players wrote about it or write your own review and let everyone know about its positive and negative qualities based on your personal experience.


Rated by 95 users


nullnullUser reviews have been taken from casino.guru and lcb.org

User reviews (95)

Just recently signed up, and the casino sounds like it could be wonderful given all the perks it offers. However, they have absolutely destroyed that by offering a game selection for all bonuses that is embarrassing. They offer about 6 of the oldest BGaming slots that have absolutely no upside potential whatsoever. It turns free spins, weekly bonus spins, level advancements, referrral bonuses all obsolete. For example, i just moved up a level and got .28 from the free spins. The referral bonus received netted me .62. Its just a total nightmare. As the previous person mentioned, it is not even worth the time it takes to log into the account. The customer service is also quite terrible. They will deliver bad news and then put an emoji of a dog whimpering or something similar, where it comes across as the most pretentious, condescending people you have ever spoken to. My business will be taken elsewhere
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  • none
  • customer suppport
  • HORRIBLE bonus game selection
null User review from Casino.guru
1 week ago
As almost all of the reviews recently express, this casino is terrible. The customer service is awful. They don’t know what promotions they are running, and often tell you that a deposit doesn’t qualify for one reason or the other. Until you provide a screenshot that factually they are unable to talk their way out of. The bonus games that they have in place for all of their promotions are the absolute worst and eliminate all interest in their loyalty program. Whether it’s sign up spins, weekly spins, loyalty level spins etc… they are all the same and all are not even worth the effort to log into the website. Used to play here and tells me that the site is an absolute shell of what it used to be. There are so many casinos like bitstarz that have valuable bonuses with games that have upside. There is really nothing advantageous about this casino over any casino I can think of
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  • Poor support
  • Support us lack of knowledge
  • Bonus spins are worthless
  • Loyalty program based on free spins is terrible
null User review from Casino.guru
1 week ago
If I could give a zero Stars I would definitely do that I've been depositing in this casino the last couple days over and over and over the same amount well the last deposit I went to make never got credited to my account they said it was under the minimum which is untrue because it's the same amount I've been sending over and over and over for the last 2 days in a row so they refused to give me my money back I've not won a dime but testing the place I continued to deposit only to come to my conclusion it's a rip off... I will not edit my review because I feel like editing is the same as the lying I meant every word I said so all of that remains as well as the fact that it's awful funny that I think that amount five times previously and it went through all in the same day yet you're going to try to tell me that all of a sudden that amount is not going to go through not even going to hit the casino that's a dang lie just another way for them to scam your money out of you
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  • Everything
null User review from Casino.guru
2 weeks ago
My goodness, i wish i would have read the reviews before playing here. I was presented with a deposit bonus in my bonuses tab. The bonus offered 100 free spins for a minimum deposit of .35. Initially the representative, Axel, tried to tell me that I was not eligible. AFter sending screenshots of the bonus offer, he admitted I was eligible, but informed me that the promotional spins would not be awarded for 5 days. Apparently accounts have to wait 5 days before receiving promotional bonuses.

I reviewed the casino terms, and casino bonus terms and there is no mention of a 5 day waiting period. I asked him where to find these terms so I could make sure I was familiar with the terms in the future. He said that these terms are only posted internally and are the rules they go by.

Every other promotion awards the bonus immediately, but for this one particular promotion, apparently, there is some 5 day waiting period that is not advertised or mentioned anywhere on the website?? Give me a break.

I will never play here again and would encourage the same from anyone else. If this possibility exists, where bonuses can magically be enforced by unseen terms by the customer, you literally cannot trust anything from the casino. Any bonus offered may be another false flag to get a deposit out of the customer with no intentions of following through on the bonus. What a shame.
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  • ZERO customer support
  • Rules Implemented not on Terms and Conditions
  • Dishonest
null User review from Casino.guru
2 months ago
I should have known better after reading how this casino seems to bend their terms to fit the narrative they want. A narrative that appears to always go against the player. To be fair, I love the layout of the site, the games, even the loyalty program in theory.

I made a deposit of $30 dollars and played for several hours, before losing. Enough gameplay to level up to where my account was eligible for the weekly bonus spins.

Monday rolls around and no bonus spins have arrived. When I ask why, I am told that deposits that accept bonus offers do not qualify towards the weekly requirement to get free spins.

I tell the representative that the loyalty terms and conditions about the weekly free spins do not say anything like that. The terms are very clear. A minimum deposit of $20 needs to be made and there is a minimum of $20 wagering requirement that should be made using only cash funds.

Like any casino, mbit casino terms clearly express that when gambling with a deposit and bonus, all deposited cash funds are used up completely before any bonus funds are used.

So despite me depositing $30, and then wagering through that $30, they are telling me that I do not qualify for the loyalty bonus. For six hours I have been told by 5 dofferent reps that my wagers did not meet the requirements.

Call me crazy, but if I deposit $30, and all that $30 must be wagered in real cash bets before the bonus funds are used, it's pretty clear that I definitely made atleast $30 in all cash wagers.

They are giving me this idiotic runaround like I'm a moron, and don't care that im going to take my business elsewhere. They are interpreting their terms in a completely incorrect manner. They are telling me that "wagering requirement should be done with only cash funds" to be synonymous with no deposit with bonus funds can be used.

No it means that $20 of your wagers must be made using only real cash bets. It's so.obvious the terms exists only to prevent players from depositing, not playing at all, and collecting a bonus.

I've never seen a casino more steadfast in refusing to admit they are wrong. There is no two ways about it. The terms are clear. There is nothing that says deposits can use bonuses.

I would.have to recommend that people steer clear from this place. You have no way to trust them because they just change the terms and create a narrative that suits the best interest of the casino.

I mean we're talking about 40 spins that are probably valued at a dime each, and the casino has argued for 6 hours with me about it. Never admitting they could be wrong. Its just like the previous few reviews, I should.habe known better.

The funny thing is the free spins are a loyalty business to keep customers. And they are being used to literally push business who wants to continue playing on their site elsewhere to play another casino. For four dollars in free spins.

Pray you don't get into a disagreement about a serious amount of money. You have no chance of ever getting resolution. Even if the facts are clear as day.

I'd recommend metaspins if you want genuine customer service. They offered free spins via email that didn't arrive in my account. It literally took 10 seconds and one message fkr the issue to be resolved. 30 free spins without a second imposition to make sure they took care of the customer. I can only imagine how I'd be blamed for something like using thr wrong browser or being the wrong time of the day or something. No matter what, it would absolutely be my fault somehow.

It doesn't hurt to admit you are wrong every once in a while. Your customers would appreciate the honesty and respect that you have flaws that you are aware of and trying to fix. It's a lot better than trying to make the customer take the blame
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  • Horrible customer service
  • Unclear Terms
  • Misleading Terms
  • Incomplete terms
null User review from Casino.guru
3 months ago
I can't tell you how disappointed I am to need to waste my time writing this. I was referred over with high expectations.. I had played and was up about $3,000 and then noticed a Gamebeat Race was being held. I clicked on the race and read the terms and there was absolutely no specification on particular Gamebeat slots allowed/not allowed. So I search for Gamebeat and being to play Raging Lion. For hours I played it and eventually ended up wagering 150 mbtc and lost all $3,000. It happens, no big deal. Nut then my name is nowhere to be found on the leaderboard when my wagers should have had me at 2nd or 3rd. Nobody, including support had any idea why. Now they have contacted me and said that only certain games were allowed. But the Only place that is mentioned is on an older post on their promotions page, which I had never had an interest in scrolling through. The most specific terms with the unbelievably important detail of games allowed was only posted on an older Promotions page post. But all of those details were not listed whatsoever if you accessed the race by clicking the races tab, picking the specific race, and selecting the specific race terms and conditions. They refuse to admit their error. They refuse to award me the Gamebeat spins that would have been won based on my wagering. And it's just terrible business in my opinion.

Point being, if you ever play a contest, or race, or participate in anything on this website, make sure you take the time to scout the entire website and every post every made, and every page that you can navigate just in case they have even more specific terms than the terms listed for your event.

It's like I walk into the gas station and play lotto. I look on the back at the specific lotto terms, pick my numbers and then end up winning. When I come back to cash my ticket, they tell me I didn't win. And if I had read the lottery brochure at the back of the store, I would have read that you can only win if you bet before 2pm. It's embarrassing and makes me recommend that everyone finds a better place to play.

I get that people make mistakes..and that mistake cost me.a lot of money. But no apology, no efforts to fix the problem, or take care of my account. They simply say that I played the wrong games, sorry
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  • Unfair Promotions
  • Misleading Terms
  • Missing Terms and Conditions
null User review from Casino.guru
4 months ago
On Jul 21, they suspended all withdrawals without notice, first it was maintenance, then it was technical issues. 5 days, they still say the same and no withdrawal has been processed since JULY 21ST.
  • NONE
null User review from Casino.guru
4 months ago
Great games and customer service is amazing cash out time is impeccable. A+ casino with good promotions and bonuses on top of weekly Cashback.
  • Hard to find games
null User review from Casino.guru
4 months ago
Great casino, fair winnings, fun games. Fast, helpful, and friendly customer service.
  • Good bonuses
  • Expensive addiction
null User review from Casino.guru
4 months ago
This casino was great until it was purchased by this Dama N.V. group and now it is complete trash just like the other 100 sites they run. A.I. implementation I assume is why it changed so drastic but I don't know. The slots spin really different on this site. They will say they don't control blah, blah, b.s. I have so many screen shots of slots erroring out and of course it happens only when I have 75 percent of deposit spent. Almost like it is resetting my counts to make me lose on a streak again. Again numerous screenshots on different games and providers. Support hasn't replied or rectified anything with my issues. These errors kept me from any winnings for now 7 months. How this casino is rated an 8 out of 10 is beyond me. It's new interface is crap, customer support is crap, RTP is crap. Go ahead MBit reps and try to retort my review cuz I'll post all the screenshots of the errors and all your lying replys from Discord.
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  • There is not one thing positive I can say
  • everything about this site is a scam
null User review from Casino.guru
5 months ago
I deposited into my account and ended up winning nearly $10,000. I requested a withdrawal of $2,000 so I could continue to play without worrying about shipping it all back in losses. I receive an email that a quick security check is standard but it won't be long and nothing to worry about. Knowing KYC speeds this type of thing up, I volunteered to send over my documents to make the process quick and painless. Instead of processing my withdrawal after this quick check, they cancelled the withdrawal and put it back to my account. It seemed very much like a stall tactic so I decided to record my gameplay. And let's just say the results are as expected. Lost over $5,000 in an hour across 5-10 machines. I recorded all the gameplay so I'll have to review it but 0 features, zero bonus, zero big wins in probably 1,000 spins.

I've now tried to process a small withdrawal and once again my withdraw is just sent back to my account without processing the payment. I've tried asking what the problem is since they have all my documentation, and either get no response or I am told to contact security/payment team.

I love the site , but at the moment I'll have to strongly recommend that you avoid this casino. I mean what's the point in even playing if the random big win won't be paid out. I'll keep everybody posted if things change, and maybe I'm being impatient since it's only been one day. Nevertheless, leaves a bad taste in my mouth how this is playing out
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  • Great game list
  • Nice formatting to website
  • Poor communication
  • Delayed Payment
null User review from Casino.guru
5 months ago

The first concern I have when deciding to deposit for the first time with any online casino is can I trust them with my money.
Over the past few years, I have come to trust a few casinos, which I frequent often. However, Mbit casino will not be one of them, because based on a recent experience, I feel that are being highly dishonest with their patrons.
To begin, Mbit casino has minimum deposit amounts for cryptocurrency that is higher than most other crypto casinos. Now, it’s their choice to set whatever price they want, I understand that, however, to lie to their customers about WHY their minimum is so high is not ok and in my opinion is exactly what MBit casino is doing so they can pocket funds.
I would challenge one of their representatives to come on here and, if I’m wrong, then explain what is really happening.
I recently made a deposit at MBit using Litecoin. I almost always is Litecoin because it is so cheap and fast for online transactions. Litecoin has average transaction fees of only $0.0042. Now compare the actual cost of a transaction to their minimum deposit amount MBit of .14 Ltc and you’ll see their a huge difference in amount la (.14 Ltc is approximately $12.70.)
Now, when I made my deposit, admittedly it was a few cents short of their required minimum, my bad…I should have paid closer attention to the policy, but, I tracked the transaction and MBit definitely received my funds, a little over $11.00. The actual fees shown on blockchain for this transaction was less than $0.002. So, MBit still received a little over $11.00. When I asked about the customer service rep insisted it was lost due to ‘mining fees’.

I’m my opinion, Mbit casino is being dishonest from their customer service reps all the way to their T&C’s, in which they all claim that if their minimum deposit isn’t made, the money will simply be lost and that’s not true.
Does MBit not realize that cryptocurrency is very easy to track in great detail and in this case, clearly shows (as I’m sure in several others) that they did in fact get my money.
Again, I would like a response from MBit to explain themselves, but in the meantime, I’ll take my small deposits elsewhere.

I had originally posted about this on the Casino Guru forum under the Mbit topic, and here’s the link, it also screenshots of my conversation with customer service;


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  • Sorry, can’t think of any
  • Blatant dishonesty
null User review from Casino.guru
6 months ago
The game selection is good and the platform is user-friendly. The support team is responsive and helpful, which is always appreciated.

However, I do have a few concerns about the bonus terms and promotions. At the time of sign up, I felt that mBitCasino could have been more transparent about their bonus terms. Additionally, their email promotions could include more information, as it's often unclear what the bonus terms are.

In conclusion, while mBitCasino has a decent platform and a good game selection, they could improve their honesty about bonus terms and include more information in their email promotions. These improvements would make the overall experience even better
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null User review from Casino.guru
10 months ago
At first I thought it was too good to be true. But they are good and true! A very cool casino with lots of missions and rewards and the bonuses are fair (especially the cash back and bitty coins). The games are fair, and have decent RTP. My favorite casino so far.
null User review from Casino.guru
10 months ago
Beware of this website if you deposit and play any non slot game even if you don´t ask for a bonus, you will have to wager your initial deposit around 10x in order to cash out.
null User review from Casino.guru
11 months ago
I been playing at this casino for over 2 years in fact at anniversary I got a bonus birthday also .
Any wins I had I got them out in 5 min never had a problem .Customer service is the best always to help you out like Arthur,Mary,Thiago,Madison etc
  • Fastcash out
  • Family oriented casino
  • Many games to choose from
  • Different crypto deposits very fast In
  • I will love to see hacksaw games and push games
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
Hello, my name is Tarasenko Alina. I would like to share my extremely negative experience at MBit Casino. At the end of April 2022, I registered an account with Mbit casino. I made 3 deposits in DOGE and used their welcome package. I was lucky to win 28690 Doge with my third deposit, which I was very happy about. However, I still haven't received my winnings! It's such a scam! Just imagine, it's October 2022 and I submitted a withdrawal request in May 2022. I've been trying to get a withdrawal for 6 months. Half a year!!! I did so much ober this time. On May 24, I sent all the documents that I was asked for (ID, bank statement, selfie with a piece of paper that says mbitcasino and the current date). After that they ignored me for 2 months. I chatted with support to see if I could request a withdrawal, if my documents were checked, but I constantly received the same answer: "Our support team will contact you by mail." Obviously, no one contacted me until I re-requested a withdrawal of funds so that they would pay attention to me!!! Hallelujah, they finally answered and asked me to pass a skype verification. After a while, they called me and verification was carried out. By the way, all questions were asked in Ukrainian. After verification, I was promised that I would know the result within a day. OF COURSE, I did not receive any result. It took 2 weeks before I got any response. In theIR message, they wrote that verification is still in progress and they will give an answer at the end of this day (it was September 2). As you can already understand, they did not give me any answer! The next message from mbitcasino I received on September 6, they again promised that the result would be received by the end of the day. They almost did not lie in that one: on September 7, I received a message that I should GO VERIFICATION ON SKYPE AGAIN. It's just a mockery, there's no other way I can call it. For 5 months they cannot verify my account and ask me to go through this humiliating procedure again. Also, they blocked my casino account. I think they are just looking for an excuse not to withdraw my winnings. I provided them with all my personal documents, passed this verification, where I held personal documents in front of my face on camera to confirm that I am a real person. Answered all their questions and now what? I have to do the same thing again? For what reason? I have no more strength or words. I highly recommend not to deal with this casino. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MBIT CASINO TO ANYONE!
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
I want to file a complaint against MBit scammers who do not withdraw my money. I won 11,195 LTC and applied for withdrawal on August 9th. On August 10, I have already sent all the necessary documents for verification. Guess what? From the moment of sending the documents to the present day, no one answers me. I have repeatedly written to the chatbot, but they answer me the same thing: Wait for the support response to your email. They haven't answered me for more than a month! I really hope that you SCAMMERS will pay me my money. Otherwise there will be consequences.
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
Unfortunately, my experience at this casino turned out to be very unsuccessful, although I read positive reviews about MBit and trusted this casino. On July 12, I won 4,719 LTC. I played mostly Panda fortune 2, North guardians, 100 zombies, 7 bonus up, Ancient Troy, and Aus dem Tal. I, as expected, following all the rules and requirements, sent a selfie with a piece of paper and a passport, a passport, and a bank statement. I wrote to the chat and to the mail, but I did not receive any response. It's a pity.
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
On June 27, I won 5600 DOGE. Nevertheless, I could not withdraw the winnings. I sent a selfie with a piece of paper and a passport, a passport, and a bank statement, but the casino representatives ignore me and do not answer anything. But there is one important point. At some point, the button for uploading a document to the casino profile stopped working, and because of this I had to send them selfies by mail, but they ignore me there too. I want to figure out what's going on and understand why this situation has arisen.
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
I want to share my extremely negative experience of playing at MBit Casino and explain my problem.

On May 19, 2022, I won 16045 DOGE at MBit Casino. However, during all this time I have not received my winnings. I was verified via Skype. They promised to respond according to the verification result within a day, but they sent a letter that verification is still in the process, so the result will be later. I never received an answer, and my casino account was blocked. WITHOUT EXPLAINING THE REASON. No one responds to my messages by mail. Apparently, they decided to pretend that I don't exist.

I won't even say how wrong and outrageous this attitude towards the players is. Okay, you blocked my account, but at least explain why. I really hope that this problem will be solved (although it's been 3 months), or I'll just find out why my account was blocked. I truly hope for the reaction of the MBit casino representative.

I have already seen similar complaints about MBit on other sites, so I also decided to leave a comment. On the one hand, it is a pity that people so often face unfair treatment towards themselves. Still, maybe it will become an indicator of quality and someone will pay attention to this problem. If the casino does not withdraw money, this means a poor quality and disgusting attitude towards players. I would like to see this situation finally resolved.

You can't confirm my identity? Are you out of your mind there?? We talked on Skype, I was verified via Skype, you saw my face and my documents! You asked me questions, and I answered them! How should I understand this?? You're just scammers! I don't understand those people who give high reviews to these scammers! I repeat: I was verified via Skype! You have confirmed my identity, and now you are just coming up with a reason not to give me my winnings!
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
BIG fan of MBit…definite fave of mine. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not five is because the layout needs to be updated and made a bit more simplex. More categorized list would be a lot better. "Really" loyal customers could be treated a "bit" more loyal…but deposits and payouts are quick quick!
  • Top new games/slots
  • Fast Payout w/in 30min or less
  • Fast Deposits
  • Somewhat good bonuses for return players
null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
I have a simply disgusting gaming experience at this casino.
2 months ago I won 14036 DOGE at MBit casino. And I haven't been able to get my winnings for 2 months!

I sent them a selfie with my passport, and a bank statement and did everything they demanded of me! However, I have not received an answer. For two months now, they have simply ignored me, even though I wrote to them by email and chat on the site. I won on June 17th and I really want to get my winnings! I don't know what to do anymore.

I've never written bad reviews before, but I'm desperate. Maybe their representative will contact me. If not, then at least I will warn other people not to play at these scammers!
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null User review from Casino.guru
1 year ago
They dont accept USA player "technically." By this i mean, you’ll be able to deposit, and they’ll cash you out fast without ever requiring any verification or KYC. Well was the case for me. I played here for years. No issue. Still no issues though i never won a substantial large amount. Instead, they definitely let me depoist regularly, cashing me out (a lot less than the deposit, but hey thats the nature of gambling, i accept this). What i dont accept is their deceptive, misleading terms and services. My post in chat referring to their T&Cs was removed. All instated was FACT from their own terms. This just goes to show that they are sneaky and misleading. Seriously violating their own terms. Oh my gosh, this very upsetting.

UPDATE: Because of the AMAZING SUPPORT team, yes, my went form 0 to hero (or well, 5 stars)! Any issues, I encourage you to contact support. If if’s a legit issue, they will fix it. This is THE BEST SUPPORT team you can ever hope for (I’ve been playing foryears).

THANK YOU AGAIN MBIT TEAM, you set the standard on how a support team should be. Period. :)
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  • VIP Team responde very fast
  • Tries their best to keep players happy
  • USA players banned
null User review from Casino.guru
2 years ago