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Depending on who you listen to, cryptocurrencies are either 'Money 2.0' (Chamath Palihapitiya) or 'a mirage' (Warren Buffett), but one thing we know for sure is that many online casinos now accept virtual coins as a deposit method.

From the first few sites that accepted Bitcoin (BTC) several years ago, there's now a wealth of online casinos that include altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) on their list of accepted methods, too. In this article, we'll refer to them as crypto casinos.

With the list of options growing all the time, crypto gambling is now a common activity, but how do we know which sites we can trust? Well, that's what this page is here for.

What are cryptocurrencies?

To put it simply, cryptocurrencies are virtual coins that operate on a decentralised system (blockchain), rather than through a centralised entity like a bank. This gives users much greater freedom and often better security, but it also makes it easier for them to fund illicit activities.

The system has attracted many supporters and critics, but one fact appears to be inevitable: cryptos are here to stay, in one form or another. This is why so many casinos now accept them as a legitimate payment method.

From the genius mind of mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009, to the 'future of currency' that several financial experts call them today, cryptocurrencies have come a long way.

We've all heard of Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency that led the way into the mainstream. But these days, several alternative coins, or 'altcoins', are also enjoying success. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most popular cyber coins.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first-ever cryptocurrency has turned the global financial industry upside down. Some countries have banned it, while others have adopted it as an official currency: either way, most people can now use it to make purchases, pay friends and, of course, make casino deposits.

Despite fluctuations in value, the coin continues to be an unrivalled success story.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH is arguably Bitcoin's main challenger and experts often regard it as the number 1 altcoin.

Its use of smart contract technology, which powers NFTs, offers a new world of possibilities, and many other alts have followed its lead.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA operates along similar lines to ETH, but claims to work lighter and with more flexibility, using less energy in the process.

The coin is named after famous mathematician Ada Lovelace, a hero of ADA creator Charles Hoskinson.

Solana (SOL)

As a much newer altcoin than ETH and ADA, Solana focuses on high-speed and cheaper transactions. The currency has a peak capacity of around 65,000 per second, according to its founders.

Top crypto casinos in the UK

These days, there are many online casinos that accept players from the UK and payments via cryptocurrencies. Not every crypto casino you come across is worth your time, though, so you can afford to be a little picky. However, it's important to be picky for the right reasons, and this page will show you how.

But first, if you don't even want to think about which crypto-friendly sites to go for, then we've ordered the list of crypto gambling sites on this page from best to worst according to our own special Meter ratings. Start with the ones at the top for the sites that provide the best chance of a great playing experience, in our expert opinion.

How we calculate the Meter rating

A casino's special Meter rating packs a lot of information into a number. We assess each site according to many different features, including:

  • How the site treats its players, including customer service and the complaints it's received
  • How it caters to UK players, such as popular games and payment methods in today's market
  • Whether it delivers a great user experience or not: is it well-designed? Is it easy to withdraw money?
  • Casino Meter's own expert opinion, based on many years in the online gambling industry.

The aim is to give you an instant idea of what to expect from each site, reducing your chances of wasting time in crypto casinos that are not up to standard.

How to select the best crypto casinos for you

You've already read about how the crypto casinos on this page are arranged according to their special Meter rating, but that doesn't necessarily mean the ones at the top of the list are the best ones for you.

Every player has their own preferences, so we prefer to give you the chance to find your favourite crypto gambling sites according to your own criteria.

Here are some filters you can use to put relevant crypto casinos at the top of the list.

  • Newly opened: for players who prefer to look at new casinos.
  • Game provider: lets you see which sites have games by your favourite developer.
  • Game type: picks out the crypto sites with your preferred casino games.
  • Payment method: lets you see sites that accept your bank or credit card as well as crypto.
  • Mobile casinos: most options are mobile-friendly casinos, but you can root out those that aren't with this filter.

Once you've finished playing with these filters, you should have a list of options that you've curated personally. This will save you valuable time by looping out crypto sites that you probably wouldn't enjoy.

How to find the best crypto casino bonus

Offering cryptocurrencies as a deposit method is one way for a casino to attract players with virtual funds; another way is to offer them generous bonuses in return for signing up.

Casino Meter can help you find the best offers for you, but before claiming one, we recommend you read our 'How Casino Bonuses Work' guide so that you know what you're dealing with.

Then, you can visit our dedicated pages to search for the best bonuses:

  • Deposit bonuses are perhaps the most common: these are bonus money or free spins that you receive once you put money into your casino account.
  • No deposit bonuses, on the other hand, are added to your account right after registration, meaning you don't have to part with a penny to get one.

Like with casino sites, we advise you to start with the bonuses at the top of the list when the list is set to 'Recommended', but there are other filters and sorting tools you can use, like the ones below.

  • Newest
  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering requirements (WR)
  • Maximum bonus cashout

Frequently asked questions

Are cryptocurrency casinos safe?

Like with every other casino on Casino Meter, every crypto site has a Gambling Commission (GC) license, which holds them to strict rules. They must make player safety a priority, which is why they subscribe to safe gambling tools like GAMSTOP and Be Gamble Aware.

Would I have to withdraw my money in crypto too?

Not necessarily. Most online casinos have several withdrawal options, and you can choose between them if you have more than one eligible card or bank account.

The best thing to do is check the site's terms and conditions before signing up, so you know exactly what you can and can't do when withdrawing money.

How many crypto casinos are there?

New crypto gambling sites are opening all the time, but you can get a good idea of how many good options there are in the UK by looking at the total number of crypto sites on this page.

What's the best cryptocurrency casino out there?

This is a tough question as everyone's tastes are different. However, you can see what Casino Meter thinks is the best option by going to the top of our default list and checking out the casino there.

This will have the highest Meter rating according to us – and we know a thing or two about online casinos!