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Terms and Conditions

This document (the "Terms") outlines the rights and obligations of the Users when using the Website. Should We find a need to do so, We can make changes to these Terms without any prior notification to the User.

1. Definitions

1.1. Capitalized terms used throughout this document mean the following:

  • Website: https://casinometer.co.uk.
  • We, Us, or Our and other plural first-person pronouns pertain to the Website's operator.
  • User: a natural or legal person using the Website. Various other pronouns, such as "You" or "Your", might also be used when referring to the User.
  • Privacy Protection Policy and Privacy Policy: a privacy protection and personal data policy of the Website, addressed in section 3 in greater detail.
  • Data: all information submitted on the Website by its User.
  • Cookie: a small text file placed on your computer by the Website or third parties when accessing the Website to save browsing information.
  • Data Protection Laws: any applicable laws related to the processing of personal Data, including the Directive 95/46/EC or the GDPR, and any national implementing laws or regulations, such as the Data Protection Act 2018.
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  • EU Cookie Law: directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 amended in 2006 and 2009.

2. General terms

2.1. Information found on the Website has an informative character and serves only as a source of independent information for Users wishing to engage in online casinos. The Website is not providing any gambling services, nor is it offering legal advice in any way.

2.2. Due to the ever-changing online gambling environment, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information presented on the Website at all times – despite our great effort to do so. We refrain from any liability in case damages caused by the use of information on the Website occur.

2.3. Links to third-party websites, whose content is in no way affected by the Website, nor does it bear any liability for it, are featured on the Website. All Users are highly recommended to analyze the terms and conditions of all third-party websites they plan to engage with prior to this action taking place.

2.4. All Users accessing and using the Website agree with these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy this document covers. The Users agree to respect and follow the rules stated in these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy.

2.5. In accordance with these Terms, we wish to inform Users, acting as data subjects whose personal information is processed through the Website, that they are expressing several consents to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Privacy Protection Policy. In section 3 of these Terms, You will find more information about how the Users' data is processed.

2.6. A natural person who accesses the Website confirms that he or she is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity. It is prohibited for persons under 18 years of age or under the age at which online gambling is legal in the User's jurisdiction to access the Website. It falls solely on the User to determine whether they can gamble online in their jurisdiction. Any other legal requirements in force should also be checked by the User.

2.7. Should the legislation force Us to do so, We may be forced to partially or fully restrict the access to the Website (or its parts) for some Users.

2.8. All Users are encouraged to fill out Our contact form in case they find any inaccuracies on the Website. The same holds true for information that might be in conflict with the User's country legislation. We always strive to provide only the most accurate and truthful information to all Our Users, and we always intend to do this in accordance with the laws and regulations of the User's legislation.

2.9. Should a certain part (or parts) of these Terms come into conflict with the User's legislation, this does not influence the validity of the remaining parts of the Terms in any way.

2.10. Logos, trademarks, and texts published on the Website belong to Casino Meter. Online casinos, gambling platforms, game providers, and payment providers have intellectual property rights associated with their logos, trademarks, and other identifying features. This Website uses these logos and trademarks only in order to refer to services provided by their respective trademark owners (nominative fair use). Our content can be copied to other websites only with working backlinks in the form of an html tag, or with written consent from us.

2.11. Google translation services may be used for the purpose of this service. Google disclaims all warranties related to the translations, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, reliability, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.

3. Privacy Protection Policy

Both Users as well as the Website's owner and operator are bound by this Privacy Policy. The privacy of all information provided by the Users is of utmost importance to Us. All Data collected by Us or provided by Users in connection with the use of the Website falls under this policy.

3.1. Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

Our Privacy Policy only governs our actions and the actions of Users on this Website. No other websites accessible from this Website, including, but not limited to, any links to online casinos, are covered by this policy.

We are the "data controller" as defined by the appropriate Data Protection Laws. Data processing is determined by Us, which means We determine the purpose and manner of the processing of Your Data.

3.2. Data collected

Under this Privacy Policy, we are entitled to a collection of the following Data (including the User's personal Data):

  • Web browser type
  • IP addresses
  • Operating system
  • Other automatically collected information, including Data obtained by using Our contact form

3.3. The ways We collect the Data

The following ways are used to obtain Data:

  • Data provided by Users, which We obtain every time the User reaches us via our contact form or similar means through our Website.
  • Automatically collected Data, which We collect whenever the User uses the Website, help us to improve the overall experience of the User and include metrics such as the IP address, frequency and time of visits, date, and different ways You as a User interact with the Website.
  • For the purpose of Data collection, cookies based on Your browser settings are used. Section 3.10 goes into more detail on the subject.

3.4. Our use of Data

We may require any of the above Data from time to time to provide Users with the best experience possible. As described in this Privacy Policy, We may use the Data for:

  • Enhancing Our products and services
  • Additional purposes for which the Data was provided to Us by the User
  • It is possible that We will use your Data for the purposes outlined above if it is in Our legitimate interests to do so. Under certain circumstances, You can object (see section 3.7) if not satisfied.

The information We collect about Our Users is never shared, rented, or sold to other parties.

3.5. Security of Data

Several measures, both technical and organizational, are used to keep your Data safe at all times:

  • All Data is kept safe on secure servers
  • Data can only be accessed by the Website admin.

A number of measures are in place to safeguard Your Data, including procedures for dealing with suspected data breaches. We encourage You to contact us via our contact form if You suspect that Your Data is being misused, lost, or unauthorized access is occurring.

3.6. Retention of Data

Your Data will be stored for the duration of fulfilling the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, or until You make a request to remove it from our servers. We reserve the right to keep Your Data for longer if the law requires or permits it.

3.7. Your rights

With regards to Your Data, You possess the following rights:

  • Right to access allows You to make a request to obtain a copy of information We have about You. It also gives You the right to change, update or delete this information. We are entitled to refuse such request, along with a sufficient explanation supporting Our decision, should the legislation allow Us to do so.
  • Right to correct allows You to correct Your Data if any inaccuracies are found.
  • Right to erase allows You to make a request to delete Your Data, or its part, from Our database.
  • Right to restrict Our use of Your Data allows You to restrict Us, either partially or fully, in using Your Data.
  • Right to portability of Data allows You to make a request to transfer, copy or move Your Data.
  • Right to object allows You to object to the way We use Your Data.

Should You identify a need to use any of the rights specified above or make any other enquiries, We encourage You to use Our contact form.

You can refer Your complaint to a relevant data protection authority should you express any dissatisfaction with the way Your complaint, made in relation to how your Data is handled by Us, was treated.

Please inform Us about any changes with regards to Your Data while We store it, as their accuracy is very important for Us.

3.8. External links

External links are featured on the Website. Despite reviewing every casino in Our database thoroughly, this Privacy Policy applies to the Website only, and We bear no liability for the content written on external websites. All Users are highly recommended to thoroughly read and analyze Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions of other pages before they engage with them in any way.

3.9. Changes of business ownership and control

As part of expanding and reducing Our business, We may sometimes sell or transfer control of all or part of the Website. Relevant User Data will be transferred as well, and the new controlling party will gain permission to use the Data for the purposes for which it was originally given to Us in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Should this situation arise, Your Data will be protected at all times.

3.10. Cookies

The Website uses Cookies to improve your overall User experience and may place and access certain Cookies on your device. At the same time, We ensure You that Your privacy is protected at all times. All Cookies have been selected carefully and are completely safe and secure.

The EU Cookie Law governs all Cookies used by the Website.

Cookies can be enabled or disabled in Your browser. The majority of them accept Cookies, but You can change this at any time. You can also delete Cookies, but this means you will lose all saved information. This results in a decreased User experience, as Cookies allow You to access the Website quicker and more efficiently.

3.11. General

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, Your rights cannot be transferred to a third party. Should We identify a need to do so, We may transfer Our rights under this Privacy Policy, as long as Your rights are not harmed in any way.

Should any part of this Privacy Policy (provision or part of any provision) be found invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision will, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted. Other provisions of this Privacy Policy will remain valid and enforceable.

4. Final provisions

4.1. Should any discrepancies between the language versions in English and other languages arise, English version shall be applied.

4.2. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time without prior notice.