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Information about free casino games

When we think of casino games, we tend to have an image of a person spending their money by placing chips on a table or popping coins into a slot. Online, it might be the thought of an electronic balance going down steadily as the game's house edge kicks in.

Nowadays, though, you don't have to spend cash to enjoy online casino games. Most games have a ‘fun' version where you play with virtual funds, so you can enjoy free online roulette or free slot games without dipping into your wallet. This means you can enjoy the graphics, gameplay, and features of some of the most entertaining games around for zilch.

So, which are the free casino games to look out for, the best online slots out there and the finest card games that you can play for nothing? This page will help you find out.

Types of free casino games

Starting off in your search for free entertainment, you'll see that there are several different types of casino games for you to try out. Let's have a look at some of the most popular ones .

Free slots

Probably the most popular casino game of all, slots dominate the floors of Las Vegas casinos and the landing pages of online casinos. There are several reasons why: they're quick and easy to play, cover a huge range of themes and often have the best features and progressive jackpots. Players sometimes even win millions of pounds on them, although this is extremely rare.

Yet what makes the best online slots so popular is also what we should be careful of. Attractive designs, quick gameplay, and big jackpots might make us lose track of what we're spending, which is why it's especially important to keep safe gambling principles in mind, especially when playing for money.

Free video poker

The casino version of poker, also known as video poker, includes a few versions of the famous card game, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

In video poker, you play against the computer, rather than other humans, and the gameplay is typically quicker and simpler. The games tend to have a basic design with fewer features, and it's pretty easy to get started. There are also a few video poker strategies you can use to give you a better chance of winning.

Free blackjack

Blackjack is a game that has always thrived on the atmosphere of a casino and the interaction with the dealer, which is why you'll see many live-dealer casinos online. As for the game itself, the rules may take a bit of getting used to, but the gameplay is often quick and fun.

Like with video poker, blackjack strategies are a good place to get to know the game, and you can try them out in free blackjack games without risking money.

Free roulette

One of the most striking casino games, roulette often appears in movies or in casino ads, with its red-and-black design and silver wheel.

Online versions don't normally vary too much from the classic design because of this, but you may see slight differences between the American and European versions.

Free bingo

This hugely simple yet entertaining game is growing in popularity, and online casinos and developers are finding new ways to come up with interesting variations of it.

Rather than the old-fashioned setting of a bingo hall, you might now find bingo games involving flying pigs, golden eggs, and aliens as you look through our free collection.

How to find the best free slots and other casino games

When you open this page, you'll see a wide and varied selection of free casino games for you to look at: none of which require you to spend any money to play on. However, we get that this might be an overwhelming number of games for you to look through.

For this reason, we've devised a filter system that you can use to locate your preferred games easily. By default, you'll see the most popular casino games at the top of the list: these might be good place to start as they are a hit with other players. You can edit this list, though, according to these factors:

Game type

As you've seen, casino games come in various shapes and sizes. You can use this filter to select your preferred type of free game, whether no deposit slots or free bingo games.

Game developer

The people behind the games are important too: maybe there's a provider who has a particular style you like, such as the bold designs of NetEnt or IGT. This filter will let you see only games produced by them.

Game theme

Game themes cover an array of styles, from Westerns to Gothic horror, and you can select your favourite with this filter.

Mobile devices

Mobile technology is now at the point where there's no difference between mobile and browser-based games: in fact, many players prefer mobile casinos because of their convenience. Find only mobile-compatible games using this filter.


We also have a miscellaneous section where you can filter the list down to games with reviews, configurable winlines or progressive jackpots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download anything to play free casino games?

No. All the games you see on this page are browser-based so you just click play and off you go!

Can I win money playing for free?

No. The idea of free casino games is that you take money out of the equation and enjoy the game for what it is.

If you'd like a small chance of winning money without spending a thing, then no deposit bonuses are an option. In return for you signing up, the casino gives you a small amount of free credit or spins to play with, which you could land a prize with. However, this is often subject to wagering requirements (WR) and other conditions, so make sure you're aware of this before you play.

Who are the best UK casino game providers?

As home to a thriving online gambling industry, the UK has many great game developers based there, and even more with an office on the island. The likes of Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech are three prominent examples.

Finding the best one is a matter of preference, though. To look through the different providers, go to the game developer filter for a full list.

What is the best free casino game?

This is a very difficult question to answer as so many things go into making a great casino game.

You can see which games are the most popular in the UK by going to the top of this page's list and trying out the ones you like the look of.

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