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Money Cart 4

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Money Cart 4 Slot review

The Money Train series has been a massive hit for Relax Gaming. The success of the original game inspired a series of spin-offs based solely around the Money Cart feature. Money Cart 4 is the last in this series, and it brings together everything players loved about the previous entries and rolls it into one. Let’s find out if this is a worthy companion piece to the fantastic Money Train 4 slot in this Money Cart 4 review.

Money Cart 4 Theme and Design

Like all of the Money Cart titles, the game opens up with a little animated sequence explaining exactly where we are and what is happening. The slot sticks with the same story of Money Train 4, with the game being transported into a dystopian future where robots have inherited the planet and the bandit characters fight for survival and resources.

The game grid is encased in a giant metallic structure, with darkness and burnt-out robots filling the background Like all Relax Gaming slots, it’s a stylish design and one that keeps the visual elements of the Money Cart series feeling fresh.

How to Play Money Cart 4

Money Cart 4 is a spin-off from Money Train 4, with the game being solely focused on the titular features. The game-grid is made up of six reels and four rows, with no traditional paylines being active. Instead, the game focuses on the respin-style gameplay that is found in the Money Cart bonus rounds.

The RTP of the slot is a strong 96%, with the maximum win being 15,000x your stake, which is a dialled-down version of the whopping 150,000x found in Money Train 4.

Money Cart 4 Bonus Features

Players will need to land three symbols to trigger the titular Money Cart feature. The round then begins with three symbols, with the spin count resetting on each spin. If you fill a row, an additional row is added. At the end of the spins, any wins are calculated and paid out.

The following symbols can land:

  • Persistent Collector - Collects all values and adds them to itself for every remaining spin.
  • Adjacent Collector - Collects values from adjacent symbols and adds them to its own.
  • Persistent Adjacent Collector - An Adjacent Collector that sticks to the reels and acts on every turn for the round’s duration.
  • Payer - Adds its value to all symbols.
  • Persistent Payer - Adds its value to each symbol for each turn until the round finishes.
  • Adjacent Payer - Adds its value to adjacent symbols.
  • Persistent Adjacent Payer - Adds its value to all adjacent symbols on each remaining turn.
  • Sniper - Doubles the value of between three and eight randomly selected symbols.
  • Persistent Sniper - Doubles the value of three to eight symbols on every turn for the round’s duration.
  • Collector Payer - Chooses between three to five symbols and collects their values. It then pays out the updated value of the symbols to all symbols.
  • Persistent Collector Payer - Does the same as the Collector Payer on each spin until the end of the bonus.
  • Arms Dealer - Transforms up to four bonus symbols into a modifier.
  • Persistent Arms Dealer - Changes one bonus symbol into a modifier on each spin until the round finishes.
  • Necromancer - Resurrects two to seven modifiers to perform their feature.
  • Persistent Necromancer - Brings back up to seven modifiers to perform their feature on each turn until the round’s end.
  • Unlocker - Unlocks a row.
  • Reset Plus - Rewards an extra spin to the overall count.
  • Upgrader - Makes up to three modifiers persistent.
  • Persistent Shapeshifter - Turns into either a Collector, Payer, Sniper, Collector Payer, Arms Dealer, or Unlocker for the duration of the round.

Money Cart 4 Slot Verdict

Money Cart 4 is an excellent way to enjoy the popular bonus feature that has come to represent the Money Train series. While this might not pack the same punch in the winning department as Money Train 4, it is a brilliant way to experience the thrills of the Money Cart bonus, with the feature being your only focus in the game. Once again, Relax Gaming has delivered a thrilling piece of slot action that is well worth taking for a spin.

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