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Coba Reborn

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Coba Reborn Slot review

When ELK Studios delved into a Central American theme for their slot game Coba, it proved to be a popular decision. Now, the same studio returns with another fantastic-looking game bearing the Coba name. Set deep in the jungle, among the ruins of a shrine to a serpent god, the striking design immediately grabs your attention. But is this slot all slither and no bite? Let’s find out in this Coba Reborn slot review.

Coba Reborn Theme and Design

At first glance, it could be easy to confuse Coba Reborn with one of ELK Studio’s popular Gold series. The slot has a very similar design style to titles like Katmandu Gold and Ecuador Gold, not that this is a bad thing. The slot looks fantastic, with plenty of typical ELK Studios flourishes, such as neat little animations and an intense soundtrack that upholds the atmosphere as you spin.

How to Play Coba Reborn

This is a cluster-pay slot with seven reels and seven rows of symbols. Wins are generated when you form clusters of five or more matching symbols. Any symbols involved in a win disappear from the reel set, and new ones fall in to replace them. New symbols may generate a win, which will lead to a new set of symbols falling in. This Avalanche feature will continue until no more wins are generated by falling symbols.

You can win a really strong maximum of up to 25,000x your stake in the Coba Reborn slot. It has been given a high volatility rating, which is something we always approve of. However, the incredibly below-average RTP of 94% is a big blow to the math model behind this game.

Coba Reborn Bonus Features

Symbols involved in avalanche wins are collected and added to a Snake Progress Meter. When this meter reaches halfway, Wild symbols are randomly placed across the reels. If it gets completely full, three or more Snakes are added to the grid. Levels one to three offer three snakes, and at level four, you will get six snakes.

Snakes are clusters of symbols shaped like snakes that move around the reels and help form winning clusters. They come as yellow snakes, which are guaranteed to survive at least one avalanche, or blue snakes that can disappear after your next win.

Moving over a matching symbol causes these Snakes to grow in length. If two snakes cross each other, a Multiplier Wild symbol is created. The multiplier value can be doubled when another snake crosses it. Any Snakes that cross themselves are destroyed.

There are four Orchid symbols, each with their own associated feature that is triggered when a Snake crosses them.

Two or more Blood Orchids on the grid serve as spawning points for new Snakes. Blood Orchids can drain standard Orchid symbols to spawn a Snake. If a Snake eats a Blood Orchid, it will lead to a random number of Snakes appearing on the reels.

If a Snake eats a Hydra Orchid, another Snake, with the same leading symbol, will appear with any features passed on too.

A Rebirth orchid helps destroyed Snakes come back to the reels.

The Ouroboros Orchid protects a Snake from being destroyed when it crosses itself. Instead, a self-crossing Snake will produce a Multiplier Wild symbol.

There may also be an X-iter Bonus Buy Feature, which allows you to enter the bonus round with different features for a range of fees.

Coba Reborn Slot Verdict

Coba Reborn is a strong upgrade on the original Coba slot, but it is let down by a disappointing RTP. Aside from this, though, the Snake features are a lot of fun and really make the title stand out. These features also provide opportunities for good wins and prolonged action from single spins. A 25,000x maximum win is also good. Unfortunately, the 94% RTP is a massive disappointment that is difficult to overlook.

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